Northwest Airlines B747 In-Service Test Completed

Northwest Airlines has recently completed an 18-month extensive in-service evaluation of Nasco replacement steel brake rotors for their fleet of 31 Boeing 747 Classic aircraft. The test consisted of Nasco rotors being placed directly into revenue service for direct comparison with Honeywell rotors. The test was structured to comprehensively evaluate the performance of Nasco rotors under all operating conditions encountered by both passenger and cargo aircraft.

The Nasco rotors demonstrated identical performance as compared to the Honeywell rotors. The unrestricted intermix ability of the Nasco rotors with Honeywell rotors was verified by this identical performance. The successful outcome of the test program has led to the acceptance of the Nasco steel brake rotor by Northwest Airlines.

The high prices of replacement brake components on monopolistic wheel and brake programs such as the Boeing 747 has forced airlines to seek and develop alternate suppliers to help lower their costs. This effort has been very successful in the engine overhaul business, where STC/PMA components have been widely accepted by providing the operators a safe, reliable, and more cost effective alternative to the equivalent OEM components.