Nasco Expands Its Product Line

(Gardena ,Calif.) - To complement its commercial line of FAA-approved brake products for Boeing's B727 and B747 aircraft, Nasco Aircraft Brake has acquired the brake parts business for the Saab-Fairchild SF340A and SF340B and the Fokker F28, F70 and F100 commercial aircraft from SGL Carbon Composites, Inc. (formerly Hitco Technologies). Included in the purchase is Hitcho's entire inventory or carbon brakes for both aircraft systems. Under the agreement, SGL will provide certain carbon brake processing services to Nasco.

Gardena, Calif. - based Nasco manufactures replacement wheel and brake components at a substantial cost saving - as much as 30 percent below the original manufacturer's costs - saving the military and commercial airline industry millions of maintenance dollars annually.

"Because of our extensive inventory, we offer immediate delivery worldwide," said Nasco President Dan Aron. "With this acquisition, we can expand our product line to include Saab-Fairchild F340A&B aircraft stack kit's part number 3001049, for installation in Aircraft Braking Systems' (ABS) assemblies 5012589-1 and 5012589-2, and Fokker F28, F70 and F100 brake stack kit's part number 3001112, which replaces ABS brake assembly parts 5011809 and 5011809-1."

Nasco has been producing approved friction lining and steel brake components for more than 20 years, U.S. military aircraft since 1971, and FAA-approved steel brake rotors for commercial aircraft since 1989. These components have recorded over 10 million safe landings. Because its rotor are fully interchangeable with original manufacturer rotors on a part-by-part basis, they can be mixed and interchanged with original components on the same brake.

In addition to its component production capability, Nasco has the technical expertise and in-house testing capabilities to develop and manufacture complete wheel and brake systems. This was demonstrated when the U.S. Air Force contracted with the firm to retrofit its entire fleet of 710 T-38 supersonic trainer aircraft with a new, state-of-the-art wheel and brake assembly.

For details about its expanded commercial aircraft brake product line, contact Matthew Aron at