Nasco Awarded FAA Approval for Boeing 737 Aircraft Brakes

Nasco Aircraft Brake, Inc. of Gardena Calif. has been awarded a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its replacement brake components for Boeing 737 aircraft equipped with Honeywell (Bendix) brakes.

Along with the STC, the FAA has granted parts manufacturing approval to the company for all parts normally required during brake overhauls. Nasco is the only FAAapproved, second-source manufacturer of aircraft brake components for FAR Part 25 commercial aircraft.

The STC allows full interchangeability and intermix with Bendix brake components on a part-for-part basis without restriction. "These parts are now available from Nasco at a substantial savings over the original equipment," said Thomas Pratt, vice president of sales and marketing at Nasco.

The company presently manufactures replacement carbon and steel brake components for military and commercial operators of C-130, KC-135, B52, B727, B747, SF340 and Fokker 100 aircraft.