Carbon Brakes Approved

Nasco Aircraft Brake has obtained the STC and has been granted PMA approval by the FAA for its replacement carbon heat packs for the Fokker 70/100, and the Saab 340A/B. The Nasco carbon heat packs were authorized for use by utilizing the identical carbon material and manufacturing process originally certified on the respective aircraft by both Fokker and Saab. This carbon has been successfully operated in service on these aircraft since 1984.

SGL Carbon Composites, Hitco Technologies, will continue to serve as the high temperature processor of the material as it did with ABSC, the original brake manufacturer. Nasco recognizes the high cost of maintenance that both Saab 340 and Fokker 70/100 operators face by operating carbon brakes on these aircraft. Until recently, operators have had no choice but to pay noncompetitive prices.

Nasco, working in conjunction with Hitco, is now able to offer both Saab 340 and Fokker 70/100 operators an FAA certified, service proven, replacement brake at a much more attractive price than ABSC.