Military Aircraft Products

Since 1971, Nasco has qualified high usage parts such as stators, rotors, pistons, wear pads, backing plates, keys, and insulators. These parts are used on numerous Department of Defense aircraft such as the A-4, F-4, F-5, F-104, F-105, F-111, B-52, B-57, T-33, T-38, C-119, C-130, KC-135 and C-141. To see the Nasco military aircraft brake replacement parts catalog click here.

In 1985, Nasco developed the first duplication of an existing OEM sintered friction brake lining, passing qualification and flight testing on the U.S. Air Force F-4 brake rotor. In 1986, Nasco was the only F-4 rotor supplier to the U.S. Air Force, saving millions of dollars by providing a cost efficient alternative.

In addition, Nasco has sold brake parts to governments and distributors around the world, providing direct product support and substantially faster delivery than offered through Foreign Military Sales.